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Hi ~ Thank you for stepping into my gallery and I am so pleased to share my art with you !

I have been creating all of my life ~ art is my passion and it has always been second nature to me. As a child I was very creative, most of my time was spent drawing.

I've developed my craft over the years and I've amassed quite a collection ~ I hope you are not busy ~ there are nearly a hundred original images here for you to enjoy.

Many of these are paintings that I created when I was in high school, and I continue to add new pieces all the time.

I personally handcraft and sign the prints, cards and magnets featuring my work. I hope you will find something you like to take home and cherish.

Art you enjoy can inspire thoughts and memories, wisdom and compassion - Surround yourself with beauty and create a sacred space of tranquility and peace.

Know that when you purchase one of my works I am so grateful as it allows me to do more of what I love.

- Blessings and many thanks!

Dancing Fairy

fantasy visionary art

Lotus Flower

lotus flower paintings


original paintings

Spirit Guides

mystical fairy art


ethereal paintings

Soul Portrait

feathers fairy art


dragonfly paintings


soulful paintings

The Art of Ragen

Visionary Fantasy Art, Original Paintings, Mystical Fairy Art Ragen Mendenhall - Las Vegas

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Original Fine Art

Visionary Fantasy Art, Original Paintings, Mystical Fairy Art, Whimsical Animal Portraits, Handmade gifts - Prints, Cards and Magnets by the Artist Beautiful and unique original paintings by Ragen Mendenhall - a native of Las Vegas.

Ragen's style has been described as mystical, spiritual, or even ' other-worldly ' ... Her dreamlike original paintings and drawings feature whimsical animals, ethereal fairies and magical beings from mythology and fantasy literature.

Beautifully detailed and surprisingly realistic, her amazing pieces have often been mistaken for photos upon first glance, but Ragen hand-paints each one utilizing a variety of media : inks and watercolors, pastel and colored pencils, airbrush, acrylics and oil painting.

Her visionary artwork portrays an especially accurate realism, but beyond the technical mastery of her painting technique, it is her ability to imbue each piece with an element of the unseen... to make energy, emotion and spirit visible ... that is her specialty.

Ragen paints in a style coined "magical realism" or "imaginary realism", a meticulously realistic style of imaginary or fantastic scenes or images. She draws inspiration from the symbolist painters as well as the flowing ornamental style of Art Nouveau that gained popularity in the early 1900's.

Her designs often incorporate Egyptian symbolism combining photo-realism with graphic elements. Many paintings are fancifully decorative, elaborately embellished with iridescent pigments, texture and actual gold leaf. They display a balanced aesthetic influenced by Eastern or Asian art styles.

local las vegas art

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